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HIRUMA Kazuyo: Memories of Water and Earth

New York - Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition with the contemporary Japanese ceramic artist HIRUMA Kazuyo 昼馬和代, which will be the first time her award-winning ceramic has work shown in New York. 

HIRUMA Kazuyo: Memories of Water and Earth will feature a series of works that highlight Hiruma's investigation of how memory and erosion come forth in aquatic and terrestrial forms. Ceramic sculptures depicting water and earth inspire nuanced explorations of how these two natural forces interact with time.

HIRUMA Kazuyo Soaring1.jpg
HIRUMA Kazuyo Soaring4.jpg

The works presented are fastidiously constructed yet remain anchored in natural phenomena. Hiruma layers thin sheets of clay horizontally or vertically to create each work, finally glazing and firing the ceramic after spending a month or two building it. The artist's practice stands out from contemporary ceramic work bound in tradition through its play with both space and movement. Dynamic and impressive in size, Hiruma's work diverges from the smaller objects usually on display in a Japanese tokonoma, or reception room. HIRUMA Kazuyo: Memories of Water and Earthreflects Dai Ichi Arts' commitment to working with artists to promote ceramic works that are accessible in meaning yet rich in visual language.

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HIRUMA Kazuyo 昼馬和代 (b.1947) began her artistic career in 1976, when she worked under the guidance of ceramic artists Sugaki and Hisano Mizuno in Osaka. Prior to committing to her ceramic practice, Sakai City-born Hiruma worked as a graphic designer for a decade. Hiruma founded her own kiln in 1988, and her ceramic work exploring natural phenomena has since exhibited and received awards internationally. Hiruma has participated in the Japan Crafts Exhibition, International Ceramic Art Festival Mino, Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Itami Craft Exhibition, Kyoto Craft Exhibition, Japan Craft Exhibition, Mashiko Ceramic Competition, Chozo Ceramic Art Exhibition, Taiwan Ceramic Biennale, Kikuchi Biennale, Kobe Biennale, and Wellington Ceramics Exchange in New Zealand. Hiruma's work is held in numerous international collections, including the Wellington City Collection in New Zealand, Japanese Embassy of New Zealand, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan, and Sakai City Collection in Osaka.

HIRUMA Kazuyo 昼馬和代(1947- )
Soaring 飛翔, 2013
H16.5" x D8.6" x W22.5", H42 x D22 xW57cm 
Awarded at Kobe Biennale 2013

Blue Vessel 青い器, 2018
H5.9" x Dia7", H15 x Dia 18cm

C.S. Jiang