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Celadon: KAWASE Shinobu

It takes a certain energy to make celadon ceramics like Kawase Shinobu does. His celadon works are smooth, sublime and otherworldly. There is a Chinese belief that handwriting reveals the inner self, and although Kawase spent many days and  and hours in the National Museum of Taiwan studying ceramics, his work reveals some other magic driving his creativity. Kawase's deepest self is singing and manifesting through his works.

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Song Dynasty Celadon

Song Dynasty Celadon

Song Dynasty Celadon

Song Dynasty Celadon

In Song Dynasty China, Buddhism was such a popular belief that all colors were considered to be the color of Buddha, and all sounds were the sounds of Buddha. The Ancient Chinese prized the blue-green color of celadon for its association with purity, calmness and tranquility. It was believed that a person could achieve these same qualities through Zen  practice. I have not asked Mr. Kawase if he meditates, but his tranquil, sublime celadon works certainly provide a Zen experience, wedded to something more meaningful and profound.

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KAWASE Shinobu Incense burner.jpg

KAWASE Shinobu 川瀬忍 (1950- )
Celadon Jar "Jin-cho(Penguin)"人鳥, 1996
H8.6" x D6.2" x W6.3", H22 x D16 x W16.2cm
Glazed Porcelain
With Signed Wood Box

Celadon Large Incense Burner 青磁香炉, 2008Main body D: 14.5cm W: 15.6cm H: 30.8cm, H12" x D5.7" x W6"Saucer D: 39.0cm W: 67.0cm H: 1.3cm, H0.5" x D15.3" x W26"PorcelainWith Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang