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10/14/2014 | FUKAMI Sueharu Platter ( Seascape)

Many Shades of Celadon

FUKAMI Sueharu


This, one of a kind, elegant large piece by Fukami Sueharu, arguably Japan's most popular ceramic artist, beautifully utilizes the pure bluish-white celadon that is his signature color.


The delicate ceramic piece balances perfectly on three small wooden pedestals, seemingly defying gravity and giving the feeling of floating. This weightlessness is accentuated by a slight uplift where the central crease meets the edge of the piece, as if the work is on the edge of flight.


The purity of Fukami's impeccable surface is a source of great pride for the artist, one that he feels conveys a sense of transcendent elegance. This piece resembles the form of a lily pad leaf, evoking the peaceful contemplation one finds beside a quiet pond. Fukami's beautiful pale blue celadon ceramics, inspired by Chinese Song Dynasty porcelain, are widely collected and are represented in many museum collections. 


Platter "Seascape"

H2.4x Dia22.2 inches        

with signed wood box 

Our exhibition coincides with the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo's Celadon Now: Techniques and Beauty Handed Down from Southern Song to Today, where many of our favorite artists' great works can be viewed

C.S. Jiang