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9/8/2014 | Weekly Highlight : SHIBATA Masaaki

 SHIBSTA Masaaki 

Born in Tokyo, majored in chemistry in college, Shibata Msaaki (1948-)takes a great interest in Japanese folk art :Mingei. He was an award winning artist in Japanese Folk Art museum.This piece by Shibata takes the flattened vase shape, which can be traced back into ancient history, and reworks it for a contemporary audience. This type of drinking vessel was originally used for travel, its flattened shape worn hanging around the neck of riders on horseback. 

Shibata has added a foot to the vase, emphasizing its modern role as a work of art. This foot also serves to lift the vase up, giving it a feeling of lightness. The surface of the piece is primarily covered in a sensitive white glaze. It has a base of iron glaze, however, whose deeply oxidized color is visible at the lip and foot. These dark edges, revealed by the heat of the kiln, provide balance for the lighter body of the piece.  


For visual interest, liquid slip has been squeezed in a zigzag pattern over the face, creating a three-dimensional raised design. This delicate piece, with its pleasing visual balanced, brings this traditional vessel into the contemporary moment.


Born in 1948 in Tokyo, Shibsta attended the Chuo University. After graduated, he studied with IKUTA Kazutaka(1927-1982) in Tamba. In 1975, he built his own kiln in Shinoyama, Hyogo. 


Vase 白掛筒描扁壷

H8.9 x W9.8 x D 3.7inches

With signed wood box

C.S. Jiang