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9/26/2014 | Weekly Highlight : SUZUKI Sansei


Many Shades of Celadon 


This sensitive piece by Suzuki Sansei(1936-) follows the tradition of celadon wares produced during the Chinese Song Dynasty(960-1279). Many works produced in the Imperial court employed this sky-blue glaze and subtle crackle pattern, which is sought deliberately. 

The crackle occurs because during firing, the clay body of the vessel has a different rate of contraction than the glaze, causing a slight separation between the two materials. Expert potters seek to regulate the size and pattern of these cracks, and here Suzuki has rubbed iron into the veins to produce a rich contrasting color. 


Born in 1936 in the Chiba prefecture, Suzuki began studying with Kawamura Seizan in 1955. There, in keeping with the tradition of apprenticeship, he worked in the studio without formal instruction for many years before he was allowed to create his own ceramics. In 1975 he began making celadon works after encountering a piece by Living National Treasure Miura Koheiji.  


Over the course of his long career, Suzuki has won numerous awards, exhibited at countless juried exhibitions, and has been collected by institutions such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the British Museum, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

*For more information of Suzuki Sansei, please check the book "Mordern Japanese Ceramics from American Collection" by Frederick Baekeland & Robert Moes


SUZUKI Sansei/Mitsunari (1936-) 鈴木三成

Celadon Vase 青磁花瓶

H25.8 x Dia17.3cm

H10"x Dia6.8"

With Signed Wood Box



C.S. Jiang