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MATSUDA Yuriko 松田百合子(1943- )

Every artist finds her voice in her own unique way. For MATSUDA Yuriko (1943- ), inspiration came at an early age, in the form of ornate Eastern art objects which her father, a missionary doctor, brought home from his travels. From the images of colorful Matisse paintings, to tattooed Indian artifacts and Ming Chinese ceramics, there works, whose stylistic variety spanned the entire globe, piqued young Matsuda's curiosity and would continue to inspire and inform her creative vision for years to come.

She also finds inspiration in French artist Henri Matisse's use of vibrant, unnatural color in his paintings. Matsuda's work, however, remains deeply original in its essential zest for the things of everyday life.   In her studio Matsuda had a poster of a work by the surrealist artist Man Ray,where a woman's back is protrayed as a violin.  This 20th century phenomenon of 'likening a part of the human body to a different but familiar item' has a powerful impact within Matsuda's work, steeped as it is in Eastern ceramic traditions.'  - Excerpted from the exhibition catalog "Soaring Voices" the Shigaraki Ceramic Art. --- 


Matsuda, in her youth, studied pottery at a Kyoto art school under Living National Treasure TOMIMOTO Kenkichi, which served to further refine and hone her artistry and fluency in the porcelain medium.


In composing each of her works, Matsuda seamlessly weaves folk, Pop and international influences together with classic Japanese motifs to create a fresh, distinctive aesthetic. This results in not only an arresting hybrid style, but also timeless appeal; Matsuda's works are always light-hearted, fun, and bursting with tongue-in-cheek humor, reflecting both her artistic ingenuity and playful artistic spirit.


MATSUDA Yuriko 松田百合子(1943- )

La Priere

H19.25" x W12.7" x D6.3", H48.8 x D16.2 x W32.4cm

Porcelain with pedestal

Signed Yuri at the back

Eggplant and Pot 茄子と水瓶

H6.6" x D7" x W14.4", H16.8 x D17.8 x W36.8cm

Porcelain with over glazed enamel design

Signed at the back

With Signed Wood Box

Lotus Bowl  蓮

H5.5" x D13.7" x W15.3", H14 x D34.8 x W39cm


Signed at the back

With Signed Wood Box

Pumpkin Pot 南瓜水瓶

H9.7" x W10" x D6.7", H24.8 x W25.6 x D17.2cm


With Signed Wood Box

In Her Shoes, 2008

H7" x W4.7" x L9.2", H17.6cm x W12cm x L23.4cm


With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang