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8/22/2016 | Scented Splendor: The art of WADA Akira

WADA Akira 和田的 (1978- )


Wada Akira's approach to ceramics is highly contemporary and design-oriented. This gorgeous work began as a thickly thrown cylinder, which the artist then carved into with a knife to create sharp, architectural edges. 

His work is pristine, and although ithas an almost machine-made appearance the artist endeavors to retain the marks of his handiwork. 


A close look at his straight lines reveals that the human eye can discern the different between the perfectly machined form and the imperfect touch of the artist's hand. In a ceramic piece such as this, a reminder of the artist gives the work a personal human feeling. 


One major element of Wada's work is contrast. To him, this can mean the contrast between light and shadow, bright and dark, life and death, or many other things. Though these concepts are opposites, they are connected in a fundamental way. Here, we see the contrast between the industrial and the hand-made in a gorgeous minimalist work that would make a statement anywhere.


Wada was born in Chiba in 1978. He studied ceramics under Uwataki Katsuji, graduating in 2001. By 2005 he had built his own kiln, and would go on to win awards at the Kikuchi Biennale III in 2007, the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition in 2009, and the Grand Award at the Paramita Museum Competition in 2011. Tragically, at that same competition almost all of his works were broken due to the Tohoku earthquake. However, he later won a grand prize with these same works after repairing them with gold using the ancient Kintsugi technique. 

WADA Akira 和田的 (1978-)

Incense Burner 白磁香炉

H6.2" x D3.5" x W3.5", H15.8 x D9 x W9cm


Signed Akira的at the botoom

With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang