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8/12/2016 | Scented Splendor: The art of FUKAMI Sueharu

FUKAMI Sueharu 深見陶治 (1947- )


Imagine a scene: heavy snow has fallen overnight, laying a thick blanket of white over Kyoto city. A quiet hush has spread across the landscape. The houses are covered in pristine snow, and in the distance you can see the pointed corners of a distant roof, the rising eaves give a sense of uplifting.


Acclaimed celadon artist Fukami Sueharu evokes just this scene with his carefully caved incense box, which he has titled Snowy Morning. The lid recalls a roof heavy with accumulated snow, a delicate and sensitive work that speaks to the artist's elegant mastery of celadon ceramics. That title also suggests the winter use of Kogo (incense box) in the tea ceremony. 


Fukami creates a more dynamic piece with his incense burner, titled 翔. This is a one of a kind piece, finished with impeccable celadon glaze. Like a waterfall flowing from the edge of a cliff, Fukami has imbued this work with a serene power. Each detail has been painstakingly crafted by hand, and you can see the marks left by the artist as he carefully wiped the glaze from the work's edges. This produces a feeling of light and gives the glazed areas a gorgeous depth by contrast, like staring into a quiet pool.  


FUKAMI Sueharu 深見陶治 (1947- )

Incense Container "Snowy Morning" 青白磁香盒 "雪ノ朝", 2013

H1.7" x D2.6" x W2.6", H4.5 x D6.7 x W6.7cm


Signed Sue 陶 at the Bottom

With Signed Wood Box, NFS

Incense Burner "Shou" 青白磁飾香炉 "翔", circa 1999

H6.3" x D5.4" x W6.2", H16.2 x D13.7 x W15.8cm


Signed Sue 陶 at the Bottom

With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang