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7/22/2016 | TAKIGUCHI Kazuo 滝口和男 (1953- )

TAKIGUCHI Kazuo 滝口和男 (1953- )

Takiguchi Kazuo is an artist with great imagination and childlike curiosity. This incense burner, titled Sign of Flight, gives us a vivid image of a kingfisher on a rock. He is alert and watching, ever ready to dive to catch his prey. 


Takeuchi is an acclaimed ceramic sculptor and a very unique potter from the Kyoto area. His large pieces have an anthropomorphic presence not unlike the works of British sculptor Henry Moore; the are sensuous and airy. His smaller works, including sake cups, plates, and incense burners, are very imaginative and filled with classic patterns and details. 


The bulbous, black, iron-glazed body of this work is still full of air from the firing process. Looking closely at the surface, you can see the rough texture made with the imprint of textile and the spotty white glaze that suggests the splash of water and wave. The silver-glazed lid and the kingfisher that sits upon it are hand-formed and carved, finished with delicate enamel and glaze. 


TAKIGUCHI Kazuo 滝口和男(1953- )

Incense Burner 飛翔の予兆 -The Sign of Flight-

H4.8" x Dia8.3", H12.4 x Dia21.2cm


Signed Kazu 和 at the lid

With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang