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5/9/2016 | Weekly Highlight: ORIBE 2





May 24 - June 10, 2016

Gallery Hour: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm during exhibition

Please join our opening for "ORIBE 織部"

May 24th, 4-7 pm

SUZUKI Goro 鈴木五郎(1941- )

YANAGIHARA Mutsuo 柳原睦夫(1934- )

Suzuki Goro 鈴木五郎(1941- ) is the most unrestrained of today's Oribe artists. He seems to grandly distort everything he touches, and his wild imagination and childlike disposition can be found in his playful painted decorations. These include comic strip cats, birds, dogs, and other doodles. Goro digs his own clay, mixes his own glaze, and draws on his works as he wishes. He has said:

"Oribe keeps developing. It never stayed at one place. So I create whatever comes to my mind, one after another. I never stop. I feel like I'm praying with clay. The playfulness makes one's life interesting."


A visit to his daughter in Los Angeles inspired him to create his Los Oribe series. What if Furuta Oribe was still alive? Surely he would have gotten on a plane and travelled to foreign countries, and many things from his travels would have inspired him. Suzuki Goro drew inspiration from his home country, such as winter melons that in his hand feel just as lively as the real ones in the fields. 


Like Suzuki Goro, Yanagihara Mutsuo (1934- ) was inspired by the free spirit of Oribe. With this striking vase Yanagihara melds form and pattern into a playfully graphic whole that will not soon be forgotten. The shape of this vase is unusual: the tall tube has an oblong form, which finishes with a small tail at the bottom. This whimsical detail adds to the work's overall funky character. Yanagihara has named this work Yellow Oribe Flower Vase - which prompts us to wonder what kind of flower can tame this groovy vessel? Oribe himself would have loved this interpretation.


SUZUKI Goro 鈴木五郎 (1941- )

Oribe Vase 織部花入, 2002

H26" x Dia16", H66 x Dia40.5 cm


Exhibited at the Golden Ceramic Society Award Exhibition in 2002

Exhibited and published  at Menard Museum in 2015

鈴木五郎・森陶岳展 2001年度日本陶磁協会賞・金賞受賞記念 2002

Box Narumi-Oribe 陶箱鳴海織部H10.8"x D8.8" x W8.8", H27.5 x D22.5 x W22.5cmStonewareWith Signed Wood Box

Oribe Togan 絵織部冬瓜, 2003H6.8" x W10.6", H17.5 x W27 cmStonewareSigned Go 五 at the backWith Signed Wood Box

Oribe Tea Bowl 織部茶碗H3.5" x D5.3"x W5.6", H9.1 x W13.6 x D14.2cmStonewareSigned Go 五 at the back

Oribe Sake Bottle  絵織部徳利, 2015H5.9" x Dia3.4", H15 x Dia8.7cmStonewareSigned Go 五 at the backWith Signed Wood Box

YANAGIHARA Mutsuo 柳原睦夫 (1934-)Yellow Oribe Flower Vase, キオリベ長筒花瓶, 1992H14.5" x W6.7" x D5.6" , H36.8 x W17.2 x D14.2cmStonewareSigned Mutsu 睦 at the bottomWith Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang