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12/7/2015 | Weekly Highlight:  IMURA Toshimi (1961- )

Weekly Highlight: 

IMURA Toshimi (1961- )

Artist Imura Toshimi takes great care with the exteriors of his ceramic works, carefully building the forms and perfecting the surfaces. But what makes his work unique is his love of and attention to not only the outer, but also the inner, interior spaces he creates.


He refers to the outer surface as a "skin," which suggests that there must be interior structures that support this exterior covering. Imura is fascinated by the interaction between these inner and outer spaces, and his best works highlight the tension between skin and interior structure. This piece, for example, was meticulously built by hand and then polished to perfection with the back of a spoon. It was low fired in a charcoal-rich kiln, which gives it its rich black color and polished sheen.

The twisting organic forms sweep and curve back on themselves, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior and creating great visual interest. The work cannot be comprehended fully from one angle, forcing the viewer to move and interact with the piece. This action in the viewer slowly reveals the secrets and hidden architecture of this lovely piece.


Imura Toshimi studied ceramics at Tajimi Technical High School before going on to study sculpture at Kanazawa University. Growing up in a family of potters, Imuralearned great respect for the traditional ceramic work of his parents. To this day he displays their work in his Gifu home next to his parents traditional works, despite the fact that he takes a much more modern approach in his own work. 


His own abstract sculptures are purely aesthetic, assemblages of interlocking spaces that activate the space and draw the eye. The sheer beauty of Imura's work is born of his explorations of interiority, exteriority, and the boundaries between the two.   

IMURA Toshimi 伊村俊見 (1961-)
Growing06-S7, 2006

H9.4" x D14" x D14.5",  H24 x D36 xW37cm

Growing07-S2, 2007

H12" x D19" x W15", H31 x D48 x W38.2cm

C.S. Jiang