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10/1/2015 | Weekly Highlight : OKUMURA Hiromi

Weekly Highlight: 

OKUMURA Hiromi (1953- )


Okumura Hiromi has spent his entire life entrenched in the rich cultural tradition of Kyoto ceramics, and was from an early age interested in the boundary-pushing modern works being created by members of the Sodeisha group.

He studied ceramics at Kyoto University of Art, graduating in 1978, and enjoyed many public and private exhibitions over the next decade. He was eventually appointed Professor of Ceramics at Kyoto Seika University. From this secure academic position, which lies essentially outside of the marketplace, Okumura may follow his creative spirit to new heights without worry that his works will be too avant-garde for the public. 

This freedom has allowed him to experiment in non-traditional sculptural forms that are entirely unique, even among other contemporary ceramics.


This intriguing work exemplifies the freedom with which Okumura approaches his practice. It resembles none of the traditional forms, but instead seems to twist and grow directly from the artist's imagination. The sinuous matte white form, spattered with patches and flecks of rich, deep brown, rests on three pindly legs. 

The rounded angles, organic lines, and flat white color recall the shape and look of bones, giving the piece an almost eerie skeletal feel. 

The piece seems to move and change as the viewer moves around it, its vitality and creative energy an almost palpable presence that invites the viewer's touch. 


Okumura received the Grand Prize at the 41st Kyoto Craft and Art Exhibition in 1990, and First Prize the following year. He has exhibited widely throughout Japan and beyond, and his work can be found in the collections of the Kyoto Prefecture Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art and the Japan Foundation. 

OKUMURA Hiromi 奥村博美 (1953- ) 

White-glazed Vessel 白釉器, 1996
H45 x W50 x D25cm, H17.7" x W19.5" x D9.8" 

Signed Mi 美 at the bottom
With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang