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Weekly Highlight: KAWASE Shinobu

Weekly Highlight: KAWASE Shinobu

川瀬忍 (1950-) 


The elegant celadon porcelain works by Kawase Shinobu originated in the artist's great love and deep appreciation for traditional Chinese celadon. He has spent numerous hours in the galleries of Taiwan's National Museum, trying to soak in the lessons of centuries of ceramic tradition. At one point in his career, he would take his own works to the museum to compare and improve his technique. One of Kawase's Chinese colleagues even joked that he should find a Chinese woman to marry since he loved celadon ceramics so much.


Over his years of research, Kawase realized that much of the beauty and grace of Chinese celadon ceramics comes from their use of organic forms. These natural forms found their way into Kawase's work, as can be seen in these two beautiful pieces.


His pinched bowl is derived from the shape of a leaf, its shallow surface resembling a lily pad floating on a tranquil pond. Kawase also admired the robust architectural tradition in Taiwan, and his pointed covered bottle is his interpretation of gracefully soaring architectural pillars. The quality of celadon glaze achieved by the artist is unmatched in its purity, a formal achievement that mirrors his tranquil subjects. 

     Kawase descends from a long line of ceramicists and began studying at an early age with his father. His early work adheres to the more traditional Song dynasty style of celadon, but he has been making inventive and original use of the medium since the early 1980s.


Kawase finds inspiration in nature, often taking formal clues from flora and fauna and translating them into elegantly minimal works of art. He has enjoyed great critical success and his award-winning ceramics can be found in many prominent public and private collections.


KAWASE Shinobu 川瀬忍 (1950-)

Celadon Jar with lid "Kinkoh (Chamfers)" 青磁鎬壷 "鈞鎬", 1998 

H34.6cm x Dia10.6cm, H13.5" x Dia4
With Signed wood box

KAWASE Shinobu 川瀬忍 (1950-)
Celadon Bowl 青磁鉢
H5.9cm x D17.2cm x W18.8cm, H2.3" x D6.7" x W7.5" 

With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang