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6/9/2015 | Weekly Highlight: MATSUDA Yuriko

Weekly Highlight: MATSUDA Yuriko 松田百合子 (1943- )


If Tsuji's Kyo's (1930-2008) essential Japaneseness is rooted in her Shigaraki clay and wood fire, Matsuda Yuriko (1943- ) connects with her Japanese roots through a unique take on the perennial and iconic Japanese theme of the view of Mount Fuji. 


Her whimsical and contemporary Kutani works transform the familiar mountain, shrouded in cloud and capped in snow, into a colorful flight of imagination, complete with cherry trees in full bloom, deep green pines, and even a china-red whimsical serpentine dragon. 

 With these works, she has brought painting into three-dimensions, creating hybrid ceramic paintings that are entirely unique. Like a traditional scroll, she generously accents her work with gold backgrounds, lending them an inherent inner glow. 


 Her use of familiar subjects has a transformative effect: though we know that this is Mount Fuji, it is unlike any depiction of the scene we have ever experienced. This strange quality pulls the viewer into the piece, demanding further investigation.


Matsuda has been named one of the best 150 artists working in Japan by a noted ceramic arts publishing company for her deeply original work that celebrates an essential zest for the landscape of everyday life.


Selected Public Collection:

Japan Foundation, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Denver Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Yale University Art Gallery, Spencer Museum of Art, National Museum of History, Taiwan, Museo de ceramic, Barcelona, Korea Ceramic Foundation

MATSUDA Yuriko 松田百合子 (1943- )


From Top:

Mt. Fuji san -Sakura/Pine tree- 不二さん 桜

H43.2 x W39 x D16.8cm, H17" x W15.3" x D6.6"

With Signed Wood Box


Mt. Fuji san -Dragon- 不二さん 龍

H42 x W37.4 x D15.6cm, H16.5" x W14.7" x D6"

With Signed Wood Box

C.S. Jiang