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3/27/2015 | Weekly Highlight: SUZUKI Goro Goribe Horse




          Ceramicist Suzuki Goro continues to delight and surprise with this playful piece, a large horse in the Momoyama Oribe style that has been painted with original contemporary patterns related to his revolutionary Goribe (五利部) series. 


  In the Goribe works, Goro combines many disparate ceramic styles into single, breathtaking works of art, incorporating elements of old Japanese culture and style into highly original and modern compositions. Finished in a precise and playful style, this work reveals Goro's great skill with line as well as his mastery of the different techniques on display. This horse also features the renderings of traditional lamps and crows that Goro uses as a kind of signature. At 35 inches, this horse stands proud and tall in all of its Goribe splendor-only Goro could pull this off!


The horse itself has an interesting history in Japan. Used for practical purposes since ancient times, horses began to be ridden in Japan in the 5th century and soon became important status symbols. To have a fast horse of good build was a display of wealth and power, and horses were prized and decorated accordingly. The respect given to horses led to their depiction in the arts, both in two and three dimensions. Horses were also used as religious offerings, a tradition that remains in the form of the Shinto votive plaque ema - literally "painted horse." (絵馬) Goro's addition to this long tradition of horse imagery is yet another great example of his playful relationship to Japanese art history.


From the top: 


SUZUKI Goro鈴木五郎 (1941-)

Goribe Horse  五利部 馬 Stripe Face

H38.5"x W11.8" x L39.5"


Goribe Horse 五利部 馬 Black Face

H40" x W14.5" x L41"

C.S. Jiang