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3/2/2015 | Asia Week Highlight : SHIMIZU Uich





           Artist Shimizu Uichi is a master of the Chinese iron glaze, including the rich dark Tenmmoku (天目), the clear blue Celadon (青瓷), and the rusty persimmon Kaki Yu (柿) glazes. These wheel-thrown jars feature a beautiful black and dark brown iron glaze, which reflect light with a delightful iridescent sheen.


 The large  jar is  decorated with areas of lighter spots of shino-like white glaze. The overall composition recalls the branches of a willow, suggesting the coming of spring from the midst of this energetic, metallic glaze. The bottom section of both jars has been left unglazed, giving the viewer a chance to admire and to feel the beauty of Shimizu's rich, dark iron clay.


The shape of the smaller jar originates in the Chinese Meiping style, with its heavy shoulder and smaller base, where he has stamped his signature (卯) into the clay. This piece also features marks made by the artist's hand, and the swiping marks left by his fingertips break the tension and add a graceful liveliness to the surface of the work.



Shimizu Uichi was born in 1926 to a ceramic dealer family in Kyoto and studied Chinese ceramics with Ishiguro Munemaro in the early 1940s. His work is widely acclaimed; he was awarded the Gold Medal from the Japan Ceramic Society in 1977 and names a Living National Treasure in 1985 for his work in iron glaze. Shimizu passed away in 2004.


SHIMIZU Uichi 清水卯一(1926-2004), 

Living National Treasure

Iron glazed Large Jar 鉄燿壷

H12.8" x Dia12"


SHIMIZU Uichi 清水卯一(1926-2004), 

Living National Treasure

Iron glazed flat Jar 鉄燿扁壷

H13" x D7.5" x W8.4"

With signed wood box 

C.S. Jiang